Do You Know What's Lurking In Your Air?

Illustration by Daniel Savage 

Did you know, your indoor space is many times more polluted than outdoor air? As a matter of fact, according to the EPA, the levels of indoor air pollutions are up to 5X higher than outdoor air. Thats right, your offices, bedrooms, cars, bathrooms and small rooms are filled with microscopic toxins that can be more polluted than outdoor air thus making you sick. This is alarming since we spend most of our time indoors.

Is Our Indoor Air Really Worse Than Outdoor Air?

In a word.... YES!

For starters, indoor air is mostly stagnant air. When we think of air pollution, the last thing that comes to mind is our home and small rooms. We think of big industrial factories, cars, populated cities and other big pollutants that dirty and cause havoc on our clean air. Right? Not quite!

A growing body of scientific studies have shown that indoor pollution from cooking, cleaning, personal care products, pets, dust, computers, blenders, toasters, printers and even breathing emits thousands of microscopic fumes that can be toxic to us. We are constantly breathing these fumes every second of every day. Between the office, home, car, airplanes, hotel rooms and other confined spaces, we spend more than 90% of our time indoors, according to Dr, Jockers. It’s no wonder most of us are mysteriously getting “sick” without a real cause.

How Does Indoor Air Quality Effect Your Health?

Constant exposure to these types of fumes leave our lungs vulnerable to receiving and excreting pollutants at alarming rates. As if this wasn’t enough, add in a spouse, couple of kids, co-workers, pet pollutants and others in your confined space and you’ve got a concoction of millions of microscopic air spores of polluted air molecules you're breathing. So in essence, you could say we live in an enclosed tank filled with millions of microscopic toxic pollutants, much like the air on an airplane

The simplest solution? Purify the air you're breathing with a portable air purifier in every room. This is no longer a want but a vital necessity to our well being. Along with a quality air purifier, there are other steps we can take to ensure we minimize our exposure to contaminants while indoors.  

Steps You Can Take To Clean Your Indoor Air

While, some things are out of our control (like fresh air in an enclosed office or the air on an airplane), most things that will make a HUGE difference are! In fact, we can do much to purify our air even in such enclosed spaces. Here are a few things recommended by the United States Environment Protection Agency (EPA) to improve indoor air quality:

  1. Whenever possible, welcome some fresh air by opening your doors and windows. Ventilate your space with fresh air as much as possible.
  2. Clean, dust and vacuum your area as often as possible. Indoor allergens are known for causing havoc to our health.
  3. Be mindful and limit the use of things that can emit fumes in your everyday life.
  4. Ensure your rooms are well ventilated especially when cooking, cleaning and engaging with highly toxic substances such as hair dye, cleaning products and cooking oil.
  5. Keep a high quality small room air purifier running in your small room at all times.

Bottom Line

Be aware of indoor air and ensure your space is well ventilated whenever possible, air is cleaned at all times and toxin use kept at a minimum. We all have a lot to worry about, worrying about clean air in our homes, offices, cars and indoor spaces should be the last thing on our mind. SimpliiAir portable air purifier was created to provide a simple solution for your busy lives. Just place SimpliiAir in every room, click a button and forget about it. SimpliiAir will do the work for you, offering  clean air and most importantly a peace of mind. It's so quiet you won't even know it's there.

Take control and breath cleaner! 

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For additional information on Indoor Air quality and why you need a small room air purifier please visit the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) website. For additional information, questions, thoughts or concerns about SimpliiAir, please send us a line at