Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Can SimpliiAir help remove odor?

SimpliiAir can help freshen the air by eliminating certain smells. It can dramatically reduce smells from smoke, pets, food, garbage, and even baby diapers. Other types of filters, such as HEPA filters, are not as effective in removing odors.

2. Will SimpliiAir help with allergens and asthma symptoms?

While not a cure, SimpliiAir will dramatically help with the onset of allergy and asthma symptoms. It does this by filtering out airborne allergens like dust, pollen, dander and other culprits from your air. 

3. Are there side effects to using air purifier?

Generally speaking no, there are no side effects to an air purifier. However, in regards to ozone levels, an air purifier should emit ozone levels less than 0.10ppm according to OSHA standards. SimpliiAir is CE, FCC and ROHS safety certified. The ozone level does not exceed 0.05ppm, which actually has positive effects for mood and health. In other words, no there are no bad side effects of using SimpliiAir and the ozone levels emitted are well below the safety range.

4. Where should I place SimpliIAir?

The best way to use SimpliiAir is by placing one in each room, closing the door and letting it run. Or you can take it from room to room with you and just letting it run while in the room. You will notice a huge difference when you let it run continuously in each room. Your air will be cleaner and less congested.

5. How often should I run SimpliiAir?

Smaller rooms generally take less time to clean. We recommend that you run SimpliAir for 24 hours at first. Then at regular intervals so that lingering pollutants don’t accumulate.  

6. Can I open a window in a room where I am running SimpliiAir?

In short, yes. Opening or closing a window doesn’t matter—an air purifier is going to purify the air regardless. That said, keeping the doors and windows closed will help your air purifier to maximize its effectiveness since external pollutants aren’t able to come in.

7. Is SimpliiAir Loud?

SimpliiAir has two settings, a low and high. It's one of the quietest air purifier on the market. Described as quieter than a whisper, you'll hardly hear or notice its there. 

8. Why do I need SimpliiAir?

An air purifier has become a necessity in a world full of viruses and social distancing.  With indoor air 5x more polluted than outdoor air and the increasing threat of viruses, germs, bacteria and other harmful pollutants outdoors, its no wonder we need air purification. SimpliiAir allows you to have an extra layer of protection. Compact enough to take with you, SimpliiAir is ideal for combating airborne culprits in different environments. Ideal when traveling, at the office, in the car, small rooms and other places in your home. Learn more about how to create a clean air bubble when traveling and the different airborne pollutants in your space.

9. What is a micron and what can SimpliiAir clean?

A micron, short for micrometer, is a unit of measurement used mainly to describe ultra tiny things. A micron is actually 0.000039 of an inch. The symbol for micron is µ. SimpliiAir can remove particles as small as 0.30 Microns. Micron size is important for purification purposes. You must know what size the purifier removes in order to know how effective it is. See list for reference. 

  • A strand of human hair is 20-180 microns around
  • The period at the end of this sentence is 397 microns.
  • Pollen is 6-100 microns
  • Mold is 10-30 microns
  • Dust is 0.001-30 microns


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